Getting good exposure to your blog is very difficult at the beginning, this may cause cracks on your interests. Blog directories are the best way to get decent traffic to your blog. Here I'm going to give you a list of free blog directories to submit your blog.

free blog directory to get backlinks

What is blog directory?

     Blog directory is a website which categorises the blogs under different categories, these are not search engine so people cannot search the blog but they can find your blog in corresponding category, popularity of these directories helps to increase the traffic to your blog. You can categorize your blog according to the niche of the blog. Blog directories not only helps in improving traffic but also provides good backlinks, these backlinks helps your blog to get ranked in search my 30 amazing tactics to get more traffic on blogger

Blog directories provides different methods to submit your blogs.
  • Free submission :- There is no charge for submission and listening of the blog.
  • Reciprocal link :- A link back to their website is required to get listed. 
  • Paid submission :- A specific amount of fee is required for listing the blog.

Benefits of blog directory submission.

  • Increase link popularity and ranking of your website in organic search engines.
  • They can drive large traffic to  your blog.
  • Generates quality backlinks.
  • You can promote your blog post without spending money because there are so many free blog directories.

Free blog directory submission sites.

Below are 101 blog directories which you can submit your blog,some of them requires reciprocal badge and others not.






          credits for this list : shoutmeloud

    So I hope you enjoyed this great list of free blog directories to submit your blog. Don't try to submit to all these sites it will affect your blog design, select some from this list and try it properly. I'm sure this will increase your traffic just like it does to me, If you know any more sites, please drop the links in the comments below, I would be glad to know more. Keep sharing,